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Qualifying criteria, part 3 of 3 important aspects of the UKBA's Settlement visa. This page focuses on the sponsors ability to financially accommodate non-EU citizens in the UK.

Point 3 of 3: Financial Requirement.

As previously mentioned in the previous point (Point 2: English ability recognition), this point is the most important aspect of the visa application. It determins applicants timing of eligibility.

For a sponsor to bring non-EU citizens into the UK, they have to evidence a specified annual household income for their dependents to qualify to join them, subject to the amount of family dependents joining them.

Family application of 1 sponsor, 1 main applicant and 0 children:
Requires an annual income of GBP18 600.
Family application of 1 sponsor, 1 main applicant and 1 children:
Requires an annual income of GBP22 400.
Family application of 1 sponsor, 1 main applicant and 2 children:
Requires an annual income of GBP24 800.
Family application of 1 sponsor, 1 main applicant and 3 children:
Requires an annual income of GBP27 200.

The UKBA recognize the following main categories of means to evidence their household income:
Category A: Salaried Employed Less than 6 months
Category B: Salaried Employed More than 6 months
Category C: Non Employment Income
Category D: Cash Savings
Category E: Pension
Category F: Self Employment from past 12 months
Category G: Self Employment from past 24 months

Please note that emphasis is placed on household income and not on asset value, meaning that if applicants own SA property for example, they cannot use their asset value towards meeting the financial requirement but rather any rental income that is generated (used in Category C).

Any defecit (the amount outstanding) in the above earning requirement, in other words if the sponsors annual income is less than the above threshold, applicants must times the deficit amount by a multiplier of 2.5 and add that total to a based amount of GBP16 000.

In other words:
(Deficit amount x 2.5) + GBP16 000 = Cash Savings requirement

This new total must be held in liquid cash format and must be held for a minimum period of 6 months. This meets Category D's definition of Cash Savings.

This page serves only a summarized version of what the visa application entails. If you have technical queries regarding the above, please email

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Here is an article that shares British nationals experience (in the UK) regarding this financial requirement.

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