Visitor Visa's for South Africans

Yes. Getting a visitor visa is complicated. While the Americans adopted a "face to face" interview approach, the British have adopted a paper based application approach.

To complicate this simple process further, the British have insisted on internet based applications before being able to hand in supporting documents.

5 Year Visitor Visa

No matter what special visitor visa category one has, having a 5 year visitor visa comes with a 6 month restriction for each entry to the UK.

This means that having a 5 year visitor visa does not allow for applicants to stay in the UK for the full 5 years. It simply means that South Africans have permission to enter the UK as often as they would like in the 5 year period only with a restriction that each visit cannot take longer than 6 months.

Another common misunderstanding with this visa is that not only are South Africans restricted to 6 month entry periods but that there is also strict employment restrictions.

Qualifying Criteria

If you have travelled to the UK frequently (at least once a year whilst upholding the immigration rules in the past) and you continue to do so for the next foreseeable future, then this visa is for you.

If you are looking for a 2 year working holiday visa, this visa is not for you. The Visitor Visa category has strict employment restrictions.

The main qualifying criteria for General visitor visas are as followed:

- Applicants have to be older than the age of 18.
- Applicants have to show intent to reside in the UK no longer than 6 months.
- Applicants have to leave the UK at the end of their trip.
- Applicants need supporting funds to cover the costs incurred in the trip.

Cost of the visa

Currently the 5 year visitor visa costs GBP504 (that's R6561 *Last edited 13 January 2012).

To confirm current costs, please take a look at our UK visa fee page for the latest fee. The British High Commission fluctuate this fee on a monthly basis.

Processing Time

On average it takes between 10 to 15 working days to get the visa approved once submitted with VFS.

Factors that delay any visa application relates to criminal convictions where more than 6 months have been spent in prison and if visa applications had been previously refused.

Types of Visitor Visas

To find out more about the various types of visitor visa categories, take a look at our Special Visitor Visas.

The Next Step

If you found the above information helpful, just imagine having a company that walks your through each step of the visa application, one step at a time.

Move Up operate on a full refund guarantee, that in the unlikely event of not being awarded your visa first time round, their case fee will be refunded in full.

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